SEPT 23, 2019 - Client Case Study

Robbie, Age 25, London ​


12 week program goal: Improve overall aesthetic & increase hypertrophy in the shoulders & chest whilst reducing body-fat and improving mobility


Robbie dropped 5kg of body fat and gained nearly 3kg of muscle in 12 weeks.

As you can see from Robbie's before photograph we didn't start working with him from ground zero. He already had a fantastic and well proportion physique. What he lacked however was full range of movement in most joints (shoulders especially), which in turn had prevented him from training to his fullest potential.


With that in mind our 12 weeks with Robbie became a tale of two parts.


1) Improve his overall aesthetic tying together parts of his physique that were missing. Namely the outer head of his deltoids, and fat mass carried in part around the abdominals, but largely around his back.


2) Simultaneously improve his overall mobility reducing his risk of injury and ensuring his sporting longevity and health.  


To address both Robbie spent the first 4 weeks in a moderate caloric deficit (15%) while following a self-led 5 day per week advanced program that had been modified to remove overhead pressing movements whilst we worked on his shoulder mobility. The 5 day program included a 1 day per week hypertrophy focussed specialisation day that allowed us to pack on muscle in very specific areas whilst allowing for limited range. 


4 weeks in Robbie was down 4% body fat, coming from 17.41% in week 0 to 13.33%, most of which had come away from his back which made a huge difference to his physique!


Additionally having avoided overhead pressing movements for 4 weeks, and instead focussing on full range of movement through horizontal presses whilst developing shoulder mobility with internal rotation work and shoulder CARs there was a markable improvement in shoulder range. 


The following 8 weeks saw Robbie go from strength to strength ultimately meaning he walked away from the 12 weeks with:


- 5.5kg drop in body-fat    (12kg to 6.5kg)


- 2kg increase in lean-mass    (56.5kg to 58.5kg)


- 3kg drop in overall body-weight    (68.5 to 65.5kg)


- Significantly improved shoulder mobility


To the envy of most men, Robbie carried most of his BF on his back. The difference is remarkable!.

What he lacked was full range of movement in most joints, which in turn had prevented him from training to his fullest potential


Here's what Robbie had to say.


The most important thing that FITcademy can offer? Time. 


Time is the most valuable thing to a person, especially within the fast-paced world we live today. The fact that the programme doesn’t require face-to-face time with a personal trainer is innovative, and brilliant.


Coming from an avid sport (& gym) background I had, in the past, been very skeptical of fitness programmes so I initially wasn't sure what to expect. Having now been through the programme I can honestly say that not only am I in the best physical (and mental condition) that I have ever been in but, I feel that I have been educated to carry on living the programme for the rest of my life. 


The workouts are varied and interesting (upper and lower body split with a fun AMRAP at the end of each workout to keep things interesting and you drenched in sweat) and also focus on the quality and tempo of each workout as opposed to the biggest weight possible. 


Food had always been an issue for me (red wine and cheese) but FITcademy’s precise calorie calculator, combined with meal delivery service The Key to Food* took away the hassle of having to think about what to eat or cook helping me refuel me with the right foods after an intense workout where normally my sweet tooth would take over and ultimately reach my goal in the shortest time possible. 


Quite simply, FITcademy gives you the tools to go and change the way you want to look and feel.

*Use of meal delivery service is not required to achieve your goals




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